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I've been learning how to fine tune my art for over 21 years and it 'remains an ever evolving process. Since I picked up a camera in my teens the technology has changed considerably. The forward momentum that this new era of engineers and artists brought about became very fast paced and with learning curves attached. If you didn't adapt and keep up especially as a young female photographer your chances of getting what you needed let alone wanted was slim to none.


I knew from early on the alternative entertainment industry is where I would do well especially music and show venues. This was a challenge as living in a very small town, venues were far and inbetween.  As a matter of fact, its towns like the one I lived in that were made for that saying. Rays Golden Lion and the only local queer friendly bar that also had the only drag shows were literal refuges for the youth who didn't quite fit in to the common ideals and that was absolutely me. 

Flash forward to the evolution of my work where I spent years photographing weddings, kids, families, bands, performers of all calibers and an intense amount of creative, brilliant, and talented people.  I still was consistently told to find a genre and stick to it, by then teachers and peers. 

However both my stubborn and fiery spirit persevered and in a span of 6 years I would be published in over 40 magazines in the US and around the globe. When print media was at its peak I would also publish my first crowd funded calendar. This would then kick start my passion to build my own business instead of freelancing for magazines and doing commercial work.  I would start my own business in 2016 and start showcasing my art at tattoo and oddity conventions along with whatever art gallery, show, or venue would let me hang my works. This would open the door to larger collaborations with other artist and unfurl an epic amount of creativity over the next 4 years with 3 more calendars and a digital book of staggering proportions. 

I can talk all day about achievements and list the magazines and  the billboards even showcase the celebrities and venues I had the opportunities to visit, but what it doesn't do is really show you what I can do now. Its March 2024 and AI has now played a major role in the development of human everything.  I have also been able to work with AI as a creative tool to help aid in arenas I never thought possible. So as the paradigm shifts, so does the new age of photos, photography and yes the photographer. 

My goal is to keep being creative, a little outspoken, and slightly obnoxious when it comes to depth and care in which I finish projects. 


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