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Updated: Sep 20, 2019

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Welcome to the Project! The intent of sharing empowering words and images is extremely important to everyone involved, and the project will be all the more powerful with you participating. Thank you! Photoshoot AmbeRed is going to be having a 2-day photoshoot in Portland, Oregon to kick-off this project: Monday, 30 September 2019, andTuesday,1 October 2019. Please schedule your photoshoot time with Amber: amberedphoto@gmail.com @AmbeRedPhotoPDX Facebook.com/AmbeRedPhotoPDX www.AmbeRedPhotoPDX.com Imagery: The imagery we are looking for is from the diverse spectrum of your life. The image AmbeRed will be taking is your "expensive persona", 'cause let's face it; it's not cheap to do what you do. When we say 'expensive', we mean your best costume, your best lingerie, and your best pair of heels. Think glitter, glam, and WOW factor! Your off-stage alter-ego is how you want the world to see you, when you are not on stage. It might be your 'natural' self before / after the glitter and glam. It might be in your doc martins, laboratory coat, or however you best dress when not on stage. Please check out some of Annie Leibovitz's famous 2016 gelatin silver “WOMEN: New Portraits” for the flavor: http://www.fhzal.com/Book2019/Annie_Leibovitz-Portraits-2016.pdf https://www.slideshare.net/guimera/annie-leibovitz-women "Back in the Day"… Please also submit 1 - 5 high resolution photos of yourself from when, or around the time, you started being on stage / in front of the lens. This will visually represent the "Then & Now" aspects of the project. You will not be charged for these shoots / photos, but you will not have access to the photos AmbeRed takes until after the book is published. Location: The first 2 days of shoots will take place at Nia Studios and the Grand Ballroom of the Pythian Building. (Gracious appreciation to Jeff Stuart for hosting us.) AmbeRed will be shooting 10 individuals each day of the initial shoot, and will then be booking at least 3 more days in the near future to allow for availability and travel schedules. The location is the Pythian Building, 4th Floor, 918 SW Yamhill Street, Portland, OR 97205 https://www.pythianstudios.com This is downtown, next to Directors' Park and the Fox Tower. TriMet MAX Station (Red & Blue Lines) Stop ID 8333 (Library/SW 9th Ave) There is a SmartPark Garage on SW 10th, between Yamhill and Morrison Streets. Bonus Video & Photography: During the shoots there will be both filming and photography. The objective is to both document the making of and the inner workings of the project, which will help lead to the publishing of this book. Jeff Stuart will be photographing individuals outside of the book project those days. So you will have a chance to meet a new professional photographer, work with him if you choose, and have photos to work with before the book get published. Please bring an additional outfit to shoot with Stuart. You will not be charged for these photos. @pythianstudios *Nia Studios* @ stuart.fm Words: We want your voice to be also heard through words. We will help you facilitate this through written word, video, or audio recording as is most comfortable for you: If you love to write; we are looking for about 2,000 - 5,000 words from each person. If you prefer audio or video recording, you will be sent a draft transcript of the text for your review. Many people will be interviewed 1-on-1 during, before, or after this initial photoshoot by Fredrick. Questions / Concerns: If you have concerns or questions, please contact either AmbeRed Photography or Fredrick Zal; and we will be very happy to hear and listen to your concerns / questions. AmbeRed Photography amberedphoto@gmail.com @AmbeRedPhotoPDX Facebook.com/AmbeRedPhotoPDX AmbeRedPhotoPDX.com Fredrick Zal fzal@fhzal.com Facebook.com/Fredrick.Z TantricKink.com FHZAL.com

Note: The location is private and only those with an invitation are permitted entry. Those who have received and invite NOT for the Sept Oct shoots but for future shoots will receive additional information when those dates are arranged. Thank you all again!

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