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In life you do what you love even when the steps to get there are scary so in the summer of 2006 AmbeRed met with the publisher of Seattle Washington’s Underground Magazine. A notoriously famous monthly publication dropped on the doorsteps of every Seattle business that involved nightlife and entertainment.

 Head held high and palms greased with sweat she landed the job. Seattle’s concrete jungle became home for 2 years as AmbeRed built a collection of Underground covers/pictorials and editorials to ad to her already growing resume. Aside from Underground she continued her freelance work photographing bands and models in the Seattle and surrounding areas.

In 2009 Underground would merge with its sister publication Exotic in Portland Oregon and bring AmbeRed on board as a contributing staff member. Her new home in the “Rose City” suited her well and among like minds and truly creative inspirational humans she began to amass cover after cover for Exotic. In early 2013 AmbeRed was asked to write for the publication alongside her photography and under different pseudonym’s she began writing articles and interviews for other artist. It’s around this time she would start her own business and began showing her works in galleries and art shows around the city.


AmbeRed also around this time enrolled in PAI (Portland Art Institute) and took classes related to photography and computer programming/design. She continued to fine tune her skills taking workshops from colleagues and continuing her growth and business expansion along the way. In 2014 AmbeRed published her first crowdfunded calendar project and for the next 2 yrs. running would follow up with 2 more successful crowdfunding endeavors and 2 more themed fantasy calendars.

In 2016 AmbeRed decided to leave Exotic as a contributor and focus strictly on her projects. At this point she had been published in both national and international magazines ranging from alternative publications to mainstream media. Through 2017/2018 she continued the trend and was featured on numerous lingerie sites the local weekly print publications and still continues to see her work in snips and clips of shows movies theater productions and show fliers around the globe.

AmbeRed published her Wicked Ink Calendar January 2019. A variety of women adorned in ink from all along the West Coast. From Seattle to San Francisco these amazing women took the time to showcase strength endurance and amazing artwork in a space provided by an extremely generous individual. The makings of the perfect storm!  In the new year AmbeReds visions of change and growth encompass new avenues and new encounters. The hope is it becomes the making of yet another storm, to be continued....

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